Soapstone, Shiitake, Ganoderma mushroom extract capsules 60pcs SSGMEC

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Soapstone, Shitake and Ganoderma extract capsules (3 mushroom capsules)

Active ingredients: ganoderma extract 120 mg. shitake mushroom extract 90 mg. stalactite mushroom extract 90mg.

Content: 60 pieces


MUSHROOM, SHIITAKE, GANODERMA MUSHROOM EXTRACT capsules contain extracts of 3 medicinal mushrooms that can be combined to provide powerful support for the immune system and the body’s defences.

GANODERMA POLISZACHARIDES can primarily strengthen the circulatory and immune system,

The polysaccharides found in SEED NUTS can support healthy digestive function. It is mainly recommended for digestive system diseases, gastric ulcers, reflux, Chron’s disease.

SHIITAKE GOMBA helps the body’s defence functions and helps regeneration in case of colds.

Directions for use: 2-3×2 capsules daily.

OGYÉI notification:11634/2012