Herbal knee patch 1 pair HKPP

267 Ft

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For external use!

Content: 1 pair

Ingredients Ginger extract, eucalyptus extract, wormwood, pine resin oil.

Application area:

For pain anywhere in the body (back, waist, neck)

A special combination of herbs is recommended mainly for joint pain, muscle strain and rheumatic pain.

Ginger warms and keeps the painful area warm, and can be used for both joint and muscle pain.

Eucalyptus: mainly recommended for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasm.

Pine resin, recommended for joint and rheumatic problems.

It is recommended for rheumatism, muscle spasm. It is not recommended for people with an allergy to wormwood. for an hour.

Suggested use: wash and dry the surface to be treated, then apply the patch

and leave on for 8 hours.

Attention! Do not use on damaged skin!

Storage: in a dry, cool place, protected from light.