SUN MOON Panax Ginseng Extract 10 pcs SMPGEP

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dietary supplement

Drinking flask

Content: 10X10 ml.

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Panax ginseng root extract 200 mg

purified water

Ginsenoside content/vial 3,5mg

In Asia, panax ginseng is considered the king of Eastern herbs.

The value of the root increases with age, the older the root the more active substances it contains.

The ampoules we sell are made from 12-year-old roots.


Excellent for use during the recovery period after illness,

For fatigue, general exhaustion, stressful lifestyle

For athletes to maintain physical fitness, increase endurance

For cardiovascular support, blood purification.

For physical and mental fatigue


Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

The use of the product is not recommended in cases of hypertension.

Recommended Intake: for immune boosting, 1 vial per day for continuous use after 1-2 months, stopping after a few weeks.

Place of origin: China