Coenzyme Q10 chewable tablets 60pcs CQCT

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Coenzyme Q10 chewable tablets

Content: 60 pcs. (1 monthly dose)

Ingredients: corn starch 500 mg. coenzyme Q10 100 mg. maltodextrin 180 mg. sorbitol 100 mg. glucose 40 mg.beta carotene 30mg orange juice 20 mg. Vitamin C 20 mg.

Active ingredient content /2 tablets/ daily dose: 100 mg coenzyme Q10

Directions for use: 2×1 chewable tablets daily.

Coenzyme Q10 or also known as ubiquinone is a vitamin-like compound

As we age, even after the age of 30, coenzyme Q10 is depleted in the body, so it is important to make sure that it is replenished as soon as possible.

Coenzyme Q10, can contribute to the maintenance of a healthy heart, vascular system, immune system, reduces deposits on the vascular walls, is an excellent antioxidant.

Easy to handle, practical chewable tablets, pleasant taste, can be used without water. Of course, it is important to replenish water and maintain daily fluid levels.

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