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Big Star Ginseng Royal jelly ampoule

The Big Star Ginseng Royal jelly ampoule is the healthiest stimulant because of its ingredients. Its effect is comparable to coffee. One of the most beneficial properties of ginseng is that it can actually have a normalising function, stimulating or calming, depending on the condition. The combination of ginseng and honeycomb, long used by the Chinese, is a proven immune booster.

Use: One ampoule daily, taken on an empty stomach, washed down with a large glass of water.



The deservedly popular Ginzeng Royal Jelly ampoules have been on the domestic market since 1990, and our company was one of the first to introduce this consistently popular dietary supplement. As the name suggests, this sublime drink contributes greatly to the overall balance of health, as ginseng is one of nature’s “jolly jokers” – its general immune-boosting effect in any physiological state is beneficial for strengthening and stabilising health. Ginseng has countless benefits, from increasing stamina and work capacity, to recovery from illness, fatigue and exhaustion. It can lower blood sugar levels and its antioxidant compounds may also be beneficial in protecting against free radicals.

A flagship member of the Big Star private label family, Big Star Ginseng Royal Jelly Ampoule is produced with uncompromising quality: we pay close attention to the manufacturing process and the high quality ingredients to deliver the quality our loyal customers have come to expect and expect.

As this popular product strengthens our own brand, we also have one very important parameter for consumers: we want to keep our products affordable for everyone, because we know that everyone’s health is the most precious treasure.

Pregnant women and children should not consume.

Ingredients: ginseng root extract, royal jelly.

Storage: in a dry, cool place.

Place of origin: China.