SUN MOON Big Star Ginseng Royal Jelly ampoule 10 pcs SMBSGRJAP

1448 Ft

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Ginseng Royal Jelly Big Star own brand product

dietary supplement

Drinking flask

Content: 10X10 ml.

Ogyei notification :16722/2015


Panax ginseng root extract 200 mg

Royal jelly 300 mg

Honey 7000mg

It also contains saponins, (ginsenoside) amino acids, vitamins, peptides.


Our own-brand products provide the right quality at a lower price to help you to robustly recharge an exhausted body, helping to reduce physical and mental fatigue.


We recommend in the following cases


It is also a useful aid to a weakened body during recovery from illness.

Any time of the year, it’s worth starting a regimen for fatigue and lethargy.

It also has a performance-enhancing effect in sports.

Protects against cardiovascular disease due to its cholesterol-lowering properties

For men, it has a positive effect on potency.

Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

The use of the product is not recommended in cases of hypertension.

Recommended Intake: for immune boosting, 1 vial per day for continuous use after 1-2 months, stopping after a few weeks.

Place of origin: China