SUN MOON Slimming patch 4pcs SMSP

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Consumable patch


Ingredients: non-woven fabric, mint, grapefruit, pepper plant, cypress fruit, rosemary.

Content: 4 patches.

Size: 10*7cm.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.

Suggested use: clean the desired area, then apply a patch to one of the Zhongwan or Qihai points. Remove after 4-6 hours. One patch per day is recommended.

Warning: do not use on damaged skin, beyond expiry date. Not recommended for pregnant women and children. Use one patch once.

In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.

Place of origin: China.

The metabolism-boosting effect of mint and the fat-burning effect of grapefruit have been known for some time, and it is also a good supplement in diets due to its high vitamin content. Peppers also contain vitamin C, and their capsaicin (responsible for their pungent taste) compound burns fat (the most obvious sign of which is burning), neutralises acidic PH and has analgesic effects. The essential oil extracted from the cypress fruit is considered, among other things, to be a detoxifier and one of the most effective natural diuretics. Rosemary is also beneficial for the metabolism.