SUN MOON Cordyseps+Ganoderma Extract Capsules 60 Capsules SMCECC

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CORDYSEPS + GANODERMA EXTRACT dietary supplement capsules

Active ingredients: ganoderma extract 180 mg.cordiceps mushroom extract 120 mg

Content: 60 pieces


An important ingredient in the capsule, ganoderma mushroom extract, may contribute to the healthy functioning of the circulatory and immune systems. The polysaccharides in ganoderma can strengthen the immune system.

Increases the body’s resistance, energizes.

CORDYCEPS (CHICKEN FUNGI) is a botanical member of the fungi family. It lives in the high altitudes of China and Tibet. Fungal polysaccharides are beneficial for the immune system, the

thereby increasing the body’s resistance and physical stamina.

Directions for use: 2-3×2 capsules per day are recommended.

OGYÉI notification:10846/2012