SUN MOON Eleutheroginseng Royal jelly ampoule 10 pcs SMERJAP

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dietary supplement

Drinking flask

Content: 10X10 ml.

Ogyéi notification:414/2005


Eleuthero – Siberian ginseng root extract 250 mg

Royal jelly 200mg


Also contains saponins, (eleutheroside) amino acids, proteins, vitamins, trace elements


Eleuthero ginseng, also known as taiga root, comes from the northern mountains of China.


It is mainly used for its calming and stress-relieving properties

supports the circulatory system,

Increases blood circulation,

In times of climate change, it helps to relieve irritability and stress.

Help with premenstrual symptoms

General tonic and stimulant.

Increases physical and mental stamina


Recommended use: 1 ampoule per day