SUN MOON Ganoderma + Multivitamin + Selenium Capsules 60 Capsules SMGMSCC

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Ganoderma mushroom multivitamin and selenium capsules

Content: 60 pcs.

Active ingredients/ capsule/ daily dose: ganoderma mushroom extract 1200mg. vitamin c 100 mg, magnesium 60mg, vitamin E 32 mg. B3vitmin 20 mg. Vitamin B2 4.4 mg, vitamin B1 3.2 mg, retinol 800 µg. folic acid 720 µg. selenium 48 µg. pantothenic acid 10 µ Vitamin B12 4 µg. selenocysteine 1,44 µg.

GANODERMA GOMBA in capsules can support the balance of the immune and circulatory systems, mainly due to its polysaccharide content.

The secret of the GANODERMA GOMBA is not to cure a specific disease, but to normalize the general functioning of the body such as intestinal and gastric function, detoxification, excretory system, circulation, endurance.

The multivitamin content of the capsule makes it particularly suitable for boosting the immune system and reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Directions for use: 2-3×2 capsules daily.

OGYÉI notification: 14007/2014