SUN MOON Ginkgo and Rhodiola Extract 10 pcs SMGAREP

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Content: 10X10 ml.

Ogyéi notification:3240/2008/

Ingredients: eleutheroginseng root extract 220 mg, rhodiola root extract 110 mg. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 50 mg.

The ingredients are an excellent combination of RHODIOLA GINGER, GINKGO BILOBA, and ELEUTHERO GINSENG.

The Tibetan monks have known for 1200 years about the beneficial effects of Rhodiola rosea /”centenarian root”/ on the central nervous system and circulatory system, and it also provides powerful antioxidant protection.

Eleuthero Ginseng root is also an important ingredient, mainly used for its calming and stress-relieving properties, as well as its support for the circulatory system.


Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract helps normal circulatory and cerebral blood circulation.


Recommended dosage: 1 ampoule per day