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Ginseng Royal Jelly Essence

100 g

Drinking cups

Content: 10pcs. X 10 ml. tasak

Ogyei notification : 30922/2023



Panax ginseng root extract 200 mg

Shizanndra fruit 200mg

Royal jelly 300 mg

Honey 6000mg


Active ingredient content per daily dose /3 sachets:

Panax ginseng root extract 600 mg

Shizanndra fruit 600mg

Royal jelly 900 mg

Honey 18 000mg


It also contains saponins, (ginsenoside) amino acids, vitamins, peptides.


It is recommended primarily because it supports the immune system, improves mental and physical fitness, and is available in easy-to-use sachets.


Any time of the year, it’s worth starting a regimen for fatigue and lethargy.

It also has a performance-enhancing effect in sports.

Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

The shizandra fruit, also known as the five-flavoured life berry or Chinese creeping magnolia, is a red berry fruit grown in China but also in Canada and the far eastern regions of Russia.

It should be used primarily to improve physical fitness in times of stress.

The combination of Ginseng and Shizandra fruit can have a positive effect on physical mental balance.


Recommended Intake: 3×1 sachet per day