SUN MOON Excretory system cleaning tea Instant 10 pcs SMESCTIP

1830 Ft

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Excretory system for cleaning tea Instant

Contents: 10x 15gr.


Soap grass extract 20%

Nettle root 16%

Bittergrass 12%

Birch leaves 12 %

Bread rolls 11%

Red-root cress 8%

field catnip 7%

Yolk tuber 6%


Tea is a combination of several plant extracts for optimal effect.

soapwort: mainly a diuretic

Nettle: Liver, prostate protection diuretic

horsetail; regulates normal liver and bladder function. recommended for kidney problems – inflammation, kidney stones, diuretic.

Birch leaf: also a diuretic with kidney-cleansing properties.

Goldenseal: diuretic anti-inflammatory

Field marigold: kidney, spleen, liver cleansing mild diuretic.