SUN MOON Goji (Lycium) essence 10pcs SMGE

2267 Ft

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Goji Essence

100 g

Drinking cups

Contents: 10 pcs. X 10 ml. tasak

Ogyei notification : 30921/2023



Goji berry extract 200 mg

Honey 4000 mg


Active ingredient content per daily dose /3 sachets:

Panax ginseng root extract 600 mg

Honey 12 000 mg


Goji fruit is a red berry fruit native to Asia, used for eye, liver, kidney and lung health, as well as for immune boosting.


It is also recommended to improve physical fitness in case of exhaustion and fatigue. It also contains amino acids, trace elements and minerals, and is a powerful antioxidant. Easy to use sachet packaging.

Recommended Intake: 3×1 sachet per day