SUN MOON Evening Primrose Capsules 50 Capsules SMEPCC

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Olive oil capsules

Ingredients: 300 mg, fish gelatine

Content: 50 pcs.


Recommended Intake: 3×2 capsules daily before meals.

6 capsules contain: lychee oil, 1800mg, saturated fatty acid 204 mg monounsaturated fatty acid 180 mg polyunsaturated fatty acid 1356 mg -of which linolenic acid 860,4 mg gamma-linolenic acid 108,6 mg

Due to its linoleic and linolenic acid content, it can be used to protect against cardiovascular diseases.

It has metabolism regulating and cholesterol lowering properties, supports skin beauty, and is also worth trying for the treatment of eczema symptoms.

OGYÉI notification: 4848/2009