SUN MOON Evening Primrose Oil+Vitamin E Soft Gelatine Capsules SMEPOESGC

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The name of the Evening Primrose Oil+Vitamin E soft gelatine capsule comes from the name of the Ligetszépe, the lovely light yellow flower.

Vitamin E and rosehip oil soft gelatine capsules

Content: 100 pcs.

Active ingredient content / 2 capsules/ daily dose: rosehip oil 600 mg. saturated fatty acid 69 mg. monounsaturated fatty acid 60 mg. polyunsaturated fatty acid 450 mg. Vitamin E 20 mg NRV83 %

Recommended intake: 2×1 capsule daily

There are many health benefits of using lichen seed oil, primarily in cleansing blood vessels to protect against cardiovascular disease.

It has metabolism regulating and cholesterol lowering properties, supports skin beauty, and is also worth trying for the treatment of eczema symptoms.

Vitamin E can have positive effects on the health of the heart, hair, skin and nails.

OGYÉI notification: 8900/2011