SUN MOON Maca Peruvian Cress Capsules for Men with Vitamins 60pcs, 500mg SMMPCCFMWV

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Maca Peru male capsules with vitamins

Active ingredients: maca root extract / capsule 500 mg

Active ingredient content daily /2 capsules of Maca extract1000 mg (4:1) Vitamin B1 3mg(272% NRV%) Vitamin B3 20mg(125% NRV%) Vitamin B6 3mg(214% NRV%) Vitamin B12 5mcg(200% NRV%) Biotin 80mcg(160% NRV%) Zinc 16mg(160% NRV%)

Recommended intake: 2×1 per day

Content: 60 pcs.


The Peruvian Indians used the tuber, which resembles a radish and is still popular today, primarily to boost fertility.

Maca (Peruvian cassava), in addition to supporting physical and mental stamina, contains vitamins specifically recommended for men to maintain vitality. (2 capsules per day recommended, content 60 capsules/1 monthly dose)

It is also recommended for immune strengthening, rheumatic complaints and prostate problems.


OGYÉI notification: 73084-2/2021