SUN MOON Maca Peruvian Dietary Supplement Capsules with Peruvian Maca and Vitamin E, Women 60 Capsules SMMPDSCWPMAVEWC

2010 Ft

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Maca Peru cassava + vitamin E capsules for women

Content: 60 pcs.

Active ingredients: maca root extract/ capsule 300 mg vitamin E 4mg.

Active ingredient content /3 capsules per day Maca extract 1000 mg vitamin E 12mg.

Recommended intake: 3×1 per day

It energizes, supports the normal functioning of the immune system and promotes mental and physical fitness.

relieves premenstrual symptoms.

The Peruvian Indians also observed the positive effects on fertility.

should be used as a course of treatment, gradually taking effect after 4-5 weeks of use.

OGYÉI notification: 8710/2011