SUN MOON fat dissolving and digestive tea Instant 10 pcs SMFDADTIP

1467 Ft

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Contents:10x 15gr.


Hawthorn fruit extract 60 %

Hops flower extract 30%

malt 8 %

Directions: dissolve one sachet of granules in a cup of hot water up to 3 times a day


Hawthorn has also been used in folk medicine to purify blood.

It helps break down fat in the blood vessels, so it is also recommended for lowering cholesterol.

Supports the digestive system.

The bitter compounds of the hop flower are beneficial for the intestinal function and digestion.

It has an antispasmodic effect and therefore provides relief in cases of stomach distension and spasms.

also worth trying for stressful stomach problems due to its calming effect.


is also effective for gastrointestinal complaints when they are caused by tension, stress or anxiety.

Malt is a natural source of B vitamins and minerals amino acids.