SUN MOON Spirulina Alga soft gelatine capsules 60 Capsules SMSASGCC

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Spirulina algae soft gelatine capsules

Content: 60 pcs.

Active ingredients: spirulina algae powder /1 capsule 1000 mg

Active ingredient content /3 capsules per day: spirulina algae powder 3000 mg. Vitamin B12 1,5 mcg (150 RDA %)Vitamin B6 3,0 mg.(150 NRV %) Iodine 120 μg.(80NRV%)β carotene 7,20 mg.(115,2 NRV %)

Recommended intake: 3×1 per day

Sea spirulina algae is a superfood, containing high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins.

This is due to its many positive properties, it has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys, liver, pulmonary vascular system and is also recommended as a dietary supplement.

The fibre it contains promotes proper digestion.

Spirulina algae also contains zeaxanthin, which is an important element of eye protection.

OGYÉI notification: 1375/2006