Wulong Anti-Adiposis Tea 3*10 pcs WATP

1391 Ft

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Wulong Slimming Tea

Pregnant women and children should not consume.

Add a Wulong Slimming Tea filter to boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes.

Recommended Intake: 1 sachet twice a day, before meals.

There are no side effects if used for a longer period of time.

Ingredients: green tea leaf, rose petal, lotus flower.

Storage: in a dry place.

Place of origin: China.


Ingredients: green tea leaf, rose petal, lotus flower.

Boosts metabolism and detoxification. The substances it contains prevent the deposition of fats, so that when excreted, part of the fat ingested with food is removed without being “used” by the body. It can also have a strong diuretic effect, which means that you need to visit the toilet more often.

It can also be a great help through its cleansing effect on the vascular system. Its anticoagulant effect helps prevent thrombosis, prevent the fatty degeneration of the vascular system, maintain blood pressure and keep blood sugar and blood fat levels normal.